The Nehemiah Project

Last Friday Unlock Drama worked with a group of men from the Nehemiah Project tackling themes around violence reduction and team building. This was our second full day of drama partnering with this fantastic community organisation:

The men enjoyed working together as a team to build relationships with one another without having the need to compete. They also gave all the activities 100% attention even though some of them may have felt silly to begin with. By the end of the day all of the men were fully taking part in the games and activities.

A favourite game was king of the jungle. This game was requested by a few of the men who were already familiar with the game and showed great enthusiasm to show the others how to play it.

During the activities late for work and park bench the men demonstrated great energy and willingness to partake. Using these activities we were able to touch upon the themes of the day in a relaxing environment. 

This group made fantastic contributions to the consequential discussions around violence reduction and how to work well within a team of people without feeling the need to be ahead of each other. 

Feedback from the week includes: 

  • “zip zap boing - highlight of my morning” - participant
  • “I enjoyed getting to meet people” - participant
  • “All the games helped me take my mind off things” - participant
  • "I wasn’t looking forward to it but I actually had fun” - participant
  • “I really enjoyed what we’ve done." - participant

We are very much looking forward to continuing this partnership as part of the participants active recovery.