Park Academy West London

Last week Unlock Drama completed our third violence reduction project working with a mixed group of young people from Park Academy. Facilitators Beth, Harriet and student placement facilitator Carys worked with the young people from Monday - Thursday to consider the short term and long term consequences of violence between peers through the medium of drama.

Throughout the week, the group made a fantastic group contract in which they considered the key attributes needed to successfully support each other in this process. They also collaborated to make two individual plays portraying how disagreements between peers in education can result in long term consequences for the individuals involved.

This group gave 100% effort when it came to participating in all activities and games. A few favourite games of the young people were Splat, Shuffle Monster and Wink Murder to name but a few.

The group did a great job at consequential thinking for their characters and playing around with the idea of alternative endings for their respective plays. The tool hot seating was used to help each young person gain a better understanding of their characters and how different actions from these characters would impact the scenes. The children responded well to this activity by asking thoughtful and meaningful questions to the individual in the hot seat.

Feedback from the week includes: 

  • “it’s nice to see them working together because it’s a mixed years” - Teacher
  • “I’ve learnt not to be scared in front of people and if I forget words I just carry on” - Student
  • “from what I’ve seen already it’s making them more confident and aware of different things” - Teacher
  • “I have more faith in myself to do stuff” - Student
  • “I’ve learnt how to work with people I don’t know” - Student

Overall Unlock Drama had a fantastic time working with Park Academy, we looking forward to doing more projects with them in the future!