March 1, 2014

Did you know it costs a staggering 40 000 a year to incarcerate 1 person! Re-offending rates are a continual problem as 1 in 4 prisoners re-offend within a year of their release. Re-offending alone costs a gastronomical 11 billion per year.

So I ask you what are we as a society doing to prevent re-offending reaching an all time high?

There are ample reasons why ex-prisoners re-offend such as weakened family ties, mental health issues, drug dependency or homelessness. One of the biggest factors resulting in re-offending is unemployment.

“We need to reduce reoffending to reduce both the number of victims and the costs to the taxpayer. To achieve this, we need a tough but intelligent criminal justice system that punishes people properly when they break the law, but also supports them so they don’t commit crime in the future.” ( 26/04/2014)

Over 50% of prisoners do not have any qualifications to speak of what so ever. So the likelihood of gaining employment with no qualifications and a social stigma of being an ex-offender are hard and slim but by no means impossible!

If prisoners are given access to training, education and employment whilst incarcerated it can go some way to help reduce recidivism. However after studying and working within the criminal justice system it has become apparent that the biggest challenge is once prisoners get released and become an ex-offender.

If ex-offenders have unlocked the necessary skills whilst incarcerated this will benefit them upon their release as they will have a positive and focused drive to steer away from a life behind bars.

How can Unlock Drama help to reduce recidivism?

Unlock Drama gives prisoners and ex-offenders a platform through drama to unlock interpersonal and social skills such as communication skills and team-building essential to any individual socially and professionally.

Unlock Drama delivers hard hitting issue-based workshops that explore issues that act as a trigger to offending behaviour such as drug misuse, unemployment and conflict resolution.

We also actively encourage confidence and self-esteem building giving offenders the self-respect which produces a positive mental attitude. Unlock Drama assists participants development and endeavours to inspire individuals to gain the motivation to make positive changes.

Considering all of the above factors it is undoubtably clear that now more than ever there is a dire need for the work that Unlock Drama delivers!

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