Prevention is better than cure

March 3, 2014

The amount of young offenders committing crimes has reached a ten year high! Once young people have been incarcerated they are more likely to re-offend. Young offenders recidivism is at the highest point since over a decade.

Another prominent issue amongst young offenders is the increase in violence and restraints in young offender institutions. However violence is not the only issue statistics show that 90% of young offenders suffer with mental health problems. Other current factors include anxiety, conduct disorder and severe ADHD.

So what is being done about all of the above issues?

Unlock Drama uses drama with young people to act as a deterrent from the criminal justice system. We use drama to explore crime, consequence of actions and victim awareness (Restorative Justice).

Statistics have shown that the use of Restorative Justice (RJ) used with young offenders have reduced violence and restraints in young offender institutions.

Unlock Drama offers a monthly programme that teaches young people about the RJ process through role-play, devised theatre and group work. This in-depth exploration of RJ is a sensitive topic unraveling the knock-on-effect of crime and all the victims effected. By using drama this issue-based subject can be handled in an inclusive, engaging and safe space.

Unlock Drama use drama as a hands-on tool to educate and train young people so they can return into education or employment. Young people with issues such as ADHD respond well to this kinaesthetic learning approach.

With the rise in the number of young people committing crimes it is essential to offer qualifications to better their future prospects. Unlock Drama understands the extreme need for offering this service. Therefore we run the Arts Award qualification (please visit our website for more information). As an Arts Award Advisor Unlock Drama supports young people in achieving successful outcomes.

With the major increase in re-offending rates amongst young people there is an abundant need for the work Unlock Drama delivers.

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